How to Care for your Aging Fur Baby

Hi, Fur Pawrents!

Today, I’d like to discuss a few tips for caring for an aging fur baby. Let’s first discuss what is considered a senior. Remember that genetics, nutrition, and environment all play a vital part in how quickly your fur baby ages. The bigger the breed, the faster they age! For instance, a Great Dane would be considered senior at 5 or 6 years whereas a Chihuahua is not a senior until 10 or 11 years. So just keep that in mind when you are making decisions regarding your fur baby’s health!


  • First and foremost, give them a lot of love! (You should be doing that anyway!) Specifically, they may not be as active as they used to be and may lie around more. So, give them more kisses and cuddles!
  • Make sure they get enough exercise, but don’t overdo it. They may not be able to run as fast or walk as much as they used to. Try taking them to a dog park that has a lot of open space, as well as equipment. That way they will have options, and they can decide what they’d like to do for exercise.
  • Also, their temperament may change. Be patient, they are still your fur baby!
  • Lastly, it’s common for dogs to develop food allergies as they age. If they are often ill, it may be a result of their diet. Try the elimination diet to determine if a food allergy is the issue. You can discuss that with your veterinarian or refer to reputable online sources.

Try a Natural Lifestyle:

If you are using chemically laden products on your aging fur baby or around them, you may want to switch to a natural lifestyle. You can greatly improve their health and well-being by feeding them natural sources of food, using natural products on them like Green Paw Essentials all natural pet shampoos, and using other natural products in your home. The least amount of toxins they consume and are around, the better.

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