Fostering a Dog

Hi, Fur Pawrents!

Have you ever thought about fostering a dog? By becoming a foster parent, you will be providing a safe home, companionship, love, and attention for a dog in need. Many shelters and rescues become overpopulated and are unable to take in all homeless dogs. Unfortunately, many become euthanized due to a lack of space. When a dog is fostered, they are more likely to become adopted, and therefore find their forever home!

If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent, find local rescue organizations that appeal to you and contact them regarding the process of fostering and to obtain an application. Review the application and complete it in its entirety. Consider your limits. Know what behavior problems and health problems with which you are willing to deal. Also, consider others in your home including other pets. Make sure fostering a dog is something you have the capacity to do both physically and mentally.  

Some benefits to a fostered dog are:

  • Rehabilitation if they are sick or injured
  • Socialization with humans and other pets
  • Love, attention, and companionship
  • Training

Fostering a dog can be rewarding! Not only do they get attention, love, and companionship, but so do you and your family! Not to mention, there will be extra space available in a shelter for another dog who is homeless or has been abandoned.

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