Our Shampoo is PAWSitively NaturalSM
and We Can Prove It!

We Challenge You To...

Compare us to the top 10 natural dog shampoos

...we'll wait!

Compare Ingredients

Reading the ingredients on your dog's shampoo label should not be difficult! You should be able to pronounce and understand every. single. ingredient in the bottle. Can you say that about your current shampoo?

Compare Fact Sheets

Before you buy another bottle of a competitor's shampoo, find the fact sheet and count how many preservatives are in the shampoo. Shampoo doesn't need to have a shelf life of 10 years!

Compare Bottle Size

Green Paw Essentials Shampoo is highly concentrated! Not watered down with preservatives, filtered water, or anything that dilutes the shampoo. You can use less because a little goes a long way!

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