Hi, Fur Pawrents!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how my moms are proactive with my health, opposed to reactive. I’m so grateful to them for that! My health and overall wellness have greatly improved as a result. A bonus is that they save money (no more crazy expensive vet bills), so I get more treats and toys! Oh, and more blankets! I love blankets! Anyway, since they’ve been proactive, I’ve been healthier and happier! I’m 14 ½! Yep, you heard me people! But, everyone thinks I’m a puppy. I’m full of energy, my digestive tract is balanced, and my coat is shiny and smooth, among other things!

How have they been proactive, you ask? Well, they:

  • give me coconut oil for oral health (I loooveee coconut oil!)
  • top my food with turmeric to keep my joints in working order
  • put moringa in my green smoothies for energy – They can’t have a green smoothie without sharing it with me  (I’m a begger!)
  • bake homemade treats with pumpkin puree (maybe my mom will share her recipe with y’all!)
  • give me raw fruits and vegetables as snacks/treats
  • take me on walks daily – I love to exercise with them; I’m not joking, you should see me!
  • use Green Paw Essentials all natural pet shampoos – duh! I bet you knew that one! Haha

Those are all things you can do for and with my furry friends – your fur babies! The key is to incorporate foods and activities that promote wellness, nourish the mind, body, and soul! Yes, your fur baby has a mind, body, and soul that needs to be stimulated and nourished just as yours needs to be! Try some of the above and let us know about it by tagging us @greenpawessentials (on Facebook and Instagram) #gpedogs! Talk to us; we’re friendly! 

Until next time- Have a pawfect day friends!



I'm a 14-year-old wholistic Puggle living in Charlotte, NC.

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