Hi, fur baby parents!

Lately, I’ve been in the community more doing events, and talking to fur baby parents. I’ve been quite shocked by how many parents said they do not bathe their fur babies. And I’m not talking about someone not bathing them as in taking them to the groomer and having someone else bathe them. I’m saying several people told me their dog has been bathed once a year, twice a year, once in three years. And some people thought the idea of bathing a cat was absolutely preposterous.

First let’s discuss bathing dogs. Why are you all not bathing your dogs? Seriously, why aren’t you? They aren’t feral. They are domesticated. They live in your home with you. They go outside. They play with other dogs. They swim, hike, go to parks, breweries, wineries, restaurants, etc. Guess what, they get dirty just like you and me. As homo sapiens, we’ve evolved. We are no longer in the wild. We bathe! Don’t you bathe yourself? Don’t you wash your clothes? Okay, well you should wash your pets too. Their fur and skin are their “clothes”! It’s that simple. A general rule of thumb is to wash your dog once a month. If they are very active, you can bathe them more often, or wash them up with a wet washcloth and a squirt of our shampoo. Then rinse the washcloth to wipe them down.

Lastly, yes – you can bathe a cat, people! You absolutely can. People do it successfully at home! And there are cat groomers! Yes, you read that correctly, there are cat groomers in this world! Although they clean themselves, every now and then, they could benefit from being cleansed with shampoo. You can put on long sleeves and/or long gloves, put the cat in a sink and give them a bath. Or you can put on long sleeves and/or long gloves, put a squirt or two of our All Natural Puppy & Cat shampoo in a bowl of water, hold them, and use a washcloth to wipe them down. And then use a washcloth to rinse them off. It’s that easy.

Benefits of baths for dogs and cats include, but are not limited to:

  • removing debris
  • removing bacteria
  • shining coat
  • clearing up and preventing infections
  • neutralizing odor

This is not a ploy to get you to purchase our shampoos. Granted, our shampoos are extra gentle and made with organic and all natural ingredients, but this comes from a place of care about the overall well being of all fur babies. Please be mindful of what goes into their bodies, as well as what goes on their bodies. A natural and wholistic approach to their health is best.

P.S. Now that you are going to give your fur babies – dogs and cats – a bath, remember to also wash their collars, leashes, beds, and crate mats! Some you can wash in the washing machine, and some you can hand wash. If it cannot be washed, please recognize when it’s time to replace it!

A clean and happy pet is just a wash away.


Courtney Williams

Founder & Dog Mom

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