Hi, my name is Brooklyn!

My mommy believes in the benefits of nature and takes a wholistic approach to health! As I began to age, I developed allergies. My mommy performed the process of elimination and changed my diet to a limited ingredient, gluten free and grain free diet, which she enhanced with raw, natural and organic fruits and vegetables. SO GOOD! She saw significant improvement in my weight, energy level, and overall health pretty quickly. Since she believes in wholistic health, and had addressed what I was consuming internally, she wanted to address what was being used on my body externally. Many dog grooming shampoos do not disclose their ingredients, so groomers are not aware of what they are using. My mommy did a lot of research about dog shampoos and their ingredients, and she was not impressed by what was on the market; including the brands that claimed to be natural and organic. They would have some great ingredients, but they would also have unnecessary fillers, chemical preservatives, or were not completely transparent.

She looked at all the stuff she used for herself and formulated a recipe for dog shampoo right in our kitchen! It was my special shampoo! She used it on me for over 4 years before she decided to sell it. I got so many compliments about how great I smelled, and how soft and shiny my coat was! Not to mention, I was itch free! Oh, and I was flea and tick free, and completely off of flea and tick preventatives! My mommy is a fur baby lover, (that’s why we foster) and she wanted all fur babies to have access to our all natural shampoos! She is passionate about the benefits of ingredients from nature, and wholistic health for all! That’s how Green Paw Essentials was started – in our kitchen – with a passion for natural ingredients and wholistic health, and of course – me!

Give use a try and let us know what you think! We hope you love our shampoos as much as we do! Be sure to snap a picture and tag us on Facebook and/or Instagram @greenpawessentials and hashtag #gpedogs and/or #gpecats! We love hearing from our customers, and even more than that, we love seeing pictures!

It's PAWSitively Natural SM

We use only natural ingredients in our all natural dog shampoo making it safe for dogs of all sizes and even those with sensitive skin. You should want the best for your fur baby – Green Paw Essentials is as close to homemade as you can get.




The Workshop

Green Paw Essentials is made in a home studio with all natural ingredients. Keeping production in-house means we can ensure that each batch meets our standard of quality. We don’t mass produce our shampoo, so there is no need for a bunch of chemicals to increase shelf life. Chances are, each batch is only days old when you order it! How many companies can say that?

Compare us to your current shampoo and let us know your thoughts on social media! Use the hashtag #gpecompare! Click the paw below to BUY NOW – that’s the first step in going natural!

“I like my products like I like my people | non-toxic” – unknown

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