Our Purpose

We help people naturally cleanse their pets and keep them healthy without a bunch of chemicals that could have long term effects.

Our Products

We believe in healthy being a complete regimen internally and externally. We take care of the outside, you take care of the inside.


We believe in our products and their therapeutic properties, so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our products.

We don’t mass produce our shampoo, so there is no need for a bunch of chemicals to increase shelf life. Chances are, each batch is only days old when you order it! How many companies can say that?

“Ingredients used are selected for the quality and therapeutic benefits they provide.”

Our products

We believe in the power of organic and all natural and their therapeutic properties for pets.

Our philosophy

We help people naturally cleanse and protect their pets without chemicals that could have long term effects.
  • Holism

    We believe in healthy being a complete regime - internally and externally.
  • Essential Oils

    We use natural plant extracts to provide therapeutic properties to our products.
  • Grooming

    It is important to maintain regular grooming for the overall wellbeing of your pet.
  • Natural and Organic Ingredients

    High-quality pure ingredients lend to the effectiveness of our products.
  • Transparency

    We want you to know and understand every ingredient that is in our products.
  • Education and Support

    Whether you are trying to solve an issue with your fur baby’s skin or coat, or you just want them to smell good, we’re here to help!

Kizzy's Dad No More Breakouts

“As a Pitbull owner it is very difficult for me to find shampoos and conditioner that won't irritate my dog's skin. I gave Green Paw Essentials shampoo a try and absolutely loved it. My dog's fur was very soft, fluffy, and sweet smelling after using it for the first time, and to my surprise no breakouts. I will definitely be using this product more in the future.”

Sully's Mom Moisturizes Dry Skin

“I love this shampoo! My dog likes to hangout by the fireplace in the winter and his skin gets so dry. This shampoo has conditioned his skin and made his coat healthier. Not to mention he no longer has the ‘dog smell’ I was always embarrassed of. I look forward to the summer now too, knowing the natural oils will help with fleas and mosquitoes gives me peace of mind. Because this product is made with ingredients that are safe for him I am a happy dog mom.”

Georgia's Mom Clean and Shiny

“Georgia is clean and shiny! Thanks!”

Why choose us

We work hard to give your pet the best bath possible. It’s natural, it’s pronounceable, it’s Green Paw Essentials.
  • Natural Pet Advocates

    Our staff devotes countless hours to researching the best ingredients that are completely non-toxic.
  • Quality & Safety

    We own or vet operations in all of the facilities in which our products are made.
  • Standards

    We believe in the highest standards and abide by all regulatory bodies to ensure safe products for your pet.
  • Health & Well-being

    We believe in healthy being a complete regimen - internally and externally. We create only the best products to promote your pet's well-being.


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