We believe in the power of organic and all natural and their therapeutic properties for pets. Our purpose is to help people naturally cleanse and protect their pets without a bunch of chemicals that could have long term effects.


The essential oils we use coupled with apple cider vinegar naturally protect against fleas and ticks for an added layer of armor for those outdoorsy types!

All Natural Ingredients

Its the most natural pet shampoo on the market. Every ingredient is all natural, chemical and toxin free.


The natural benefits are lengthy - it shines, moisturizes, protects, cleanses without stripping, conditions, and is therapeutic and anti-infectious!

Take it from our furriends...they know our shampoo is pawsome!
Meet Kizzy

Meet Kizzy

3-yr old Pit Bull

"As a pitbull owner it is very difficult for me to find shampoos and conditioner that won't irritate my dog's skin. I gave GreenPaws shampoo a try and absolutely loved it. My dog's fur was very soft, fluffy, and sweet smelling after using it for the first time,and to my surprise no breakouts. Will definitely be using this product more in the future."

Meet Ellie

Meet Ellie

Green Paw Ambassador

"My Instagram model pup @elliebellytai absolutely loves this shampoo! It leaves her so soft and seriously smells amazing. We will be long time customers!"

Meet Georgia

Meet Georgia

New Green Paw Loyalist

"She's so clean and shiny! We love the smell!"

Brooklyn's Blog

We know natural...take it from us!